Is there a “right way” to treat people suffering with depression?

Mental health doesn't only affect the sufferer. We gain expert advice on how family and friends should help support a loved one, while taking care of themselves too. Depression is the single largest contributor to ill health and disability globally. Over 300 million...

The NHS treatments blacklist

Sixteen types of medication used to treat 23 different types of cancer, including pancreatic cancer, breast cancer and blood cancer are no longer covered by the NHS.

Health surcharge for non-Europeans in the UK

Non-European visitors staying for more than six months in the UK must from now own pay an ‘immigration health surcharge’ before they arrive in order to access the NHS.

NHS and private maternity in London

Approximately 95% of births in London take place within the National Health Service.  Although the NHS does a good job, each year a large number of women rely wholly or partly on the private medical sector for one of the most important acts of their lives.


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