International medical insurance for you and your family

 When moving abroad as an expat, you want to make sure that you have the best international medical insurance in place

The benefits of an international medical insurance

Depending on the country you are going to live in, there is sometimes the possibility of having a local health cover in place; however most expats do prefer international medical insurance for the following reasons:

Covered at Home

Depending on your area of cover, your home country will be covered as well

Freedom of Choice

You are not restricted to a network of health care providers

Avoid Waiting Lists

Much shorter waiting lists in the private sector

Sometimes discounts are applied for families.

Family Advantages

Sometimes discounts are applied for families.

What’s covered with an international medical insurance?

All international medical insurance providers offer hospitalisation, out-patient, dental, maternity care and assistance-repatriation cover. Some plans are offered as a package and some are modular.

As with all private medical insurance plans, pre-existing medical conditions are not covered (sometimes a surcharge may be applied to cover a pre-existing condition). Most health insurance companies apply waiting periods for certain benefits, like maternity and dental. Health insurance doesn’t protect either the financial situation of a client or his family in case of serious illness, accident, disability or bereavement. For this kind of additional protection, Expat Assure can also offer expat income protection insurance and expat life insurance.

Examples of costs

Single person going to Brazil


Couple going to Singapore


Family going to the UK


What to look for when choosing international medical insurance

Not only the cost of the insurance policy counts. Other important aspects may have an influence on your choice for an international health cover.

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Why choose Expat Assure?

Personalised Advice

The 'best expat insurance’ for everyone does not exist, as everyone has different needs and expectations. However, the best expat insurance for you is out there: it consists of a tailored insurance, offering the best compromise between the legislation of the country to which you are being expatriated, your medical profile and your requirements. The consultants at Expat Assure will help you to identify the insurance policy best adapted to your needs.


Expat Assure is not owned by any of the insurance companies. Our consultants are not paid on a commission basis but have a fixed salary. The advice that we offer is therefore independent and entirely based on your needs.

Our Service is Free of Charge

Whether you contact the insurance company directly, or whether you go through us, the price of your policy will be exactly the same. As we are paid a commission by the insurance companies (the amount of which we are happy to divulge on request), the added-value and the independent advice that we offer will not come at any additional cost to you.

Wide Variety of Choice

Thanks to our presence in the UK and France via Expat Assure France, we are in a unique position to offer you the best international health insurance, life insurance and income protection solutions from different countries. Therefore, we offer a wider choice of solutions that many other brokers only offer in their own country.

Ongoing Support

The work at Expat Assure does not stop once you have taken out a policy. We are at your disposal throughout the duration of the policy. Every year, if you would like, we can discuss your policy in order to check that you are still happy and that you have the insurance most suited to your needs. Moreover, Expat Assure is able to act as a mediator between you and the insurance company if ever you experience a problem in the handling of your insurance policy.


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We build partnerships with reputable insurance companies who are long-established in the expatriate insurance industry. All the international insurance companies we work with have both individual and corporate plans. Find out more about our partners here.

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