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Health insurance contracts for businesses can be  flexible and sometimes tailored to the needs of your company. Generally speaking, it will cover your employees working abroad for hospitalisation, day patient and outpatient care. You can also choose to include dental, optical, repatriation and  maternity cover.

A good expatriate health insurance is the most important and appreciated ‘Benefit In Kind’ for employees abroad, ahead of International Protection (International Life Insurance and International Income Protection).

Advantages of an international corporate health insurance

Above all, good working conditions will attract and help retain talented and valuable employees. A health insurance group contract can be seen as an investment for the future; over the long-term it will reduce absence from work, motivate employees and increase productivity. In general a group scheme will be most advantageous if you have ten or more employees. However there can be some added benefits with just five employees or more. Depending on the size of the group, a corporate health insurance scheme often has the following advantages:


The insurance companies apply a cheaper premium for group schemes, depending on the size of the group.

Avoid Waiting Periods

Your right to benefit from cover will start immediately.

Covered Conditions

Pre existing conditions might be covered depending on the number of employees (often 10 or more).

Who can subscribe to a group health insurance contract?

Businesses of differing sizes and types can subscribe to a group contract, from micro, small, medium and large companies to NGO’s.

The added value of our independent advice

The added value of our independent advice

An insurance provider will offer their products only; as a broker, Expat Assure is able to select the best options in regards to your company’s needs and budget, from a wide variety of insurance companies.


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We build partnerships with reputable insurance companies who are long-established in the expatriate insurance industry. All the international insurance companies we work with have both individual and corporate plans. Find out more about our partners here.


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