Ensure peace of mind for your employees abroad

Expat Assure can help you find the best international corporate protection cover (Life Insurance & Income Protection).

The simplest solution is usually to have the same provider as for your Group International Private Medical Insurance. However, it is of course also possible to have separate corporate health insurance and corporate protection contracts. The currency of payment and cover can be either in Sterling, in Euros or US dollars.

Advantages of a Group Life Insurance and

Income Protection


Depending on the size of the group,
insurance companies can apply
a reduced rate for Group Schemes

Medical History Disregarded

Depending on the occupation and the location of your employees, it is possible to request a ‘Medical History Disregarded’ policy meaning that pre-existing conditions will be covered; with most insurance companies this is usually available as from 10 employees.

Who can subscribe to an international group protection contract?

Businesses of differing sizes and types can subscribe to an international group scheme, from large companies, to SMEs and NGOs

The added value of our independent advice.

An insurance company will offer their products only; as a broker, Expat Assure is able to select the best options in regards to your company’s needs and budget, from a wide variety of insurance companies.

With a constantly evolving market, and because there is no ‘one size fits all’ option, it is important to seek independent advice. At Expat Assure we will be with you every step of the way:  from your first contact with us, throughout your application and every year at renewal, as well as for any questions you have throughout the duration of your contract. We are also always available for your employees if they have questions or need help in their dealings with the insurance company.

Furthermore, it is reassuring for companies to know that Expat Assure is specialised and totally focussed on Expatriate Insurance (health, life insurance and income protection).


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Our partners

We build partnerships with reputable insurance companies who are long-established in the expatriate insurance industry. All the international insurance companies we work with have both individual and corporate plans. Find out more about our partners here.

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